Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Private Investigator News: ACLU opposes adoptee open records

"People's jaws drop in surprise when they hear that ACLU-NJ opposes passage of New Jersey's Adoptees' Birthright Bill because the organization known for defending those whose rights have been abrogated is, in this case, taking an unexpected viewpoint. ACLU-NJ prioritizes an undocumented "right to privacy" of parents who relinquished a child for adoption over the (adult) child's right to her or his original birth certificate.

Why? The "right to privacy" for relinquishing parents intended them to be free from
public access to their personal information. Adoptive parents often received copies of the court decree including names of the child and birth parent. They have also been allowed by law to keep the child's birth name without permission from the original parent."

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