Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wyoming bill would clarify that autopsy reports are public records

 "The Wyoming Public Records Act already covers coroners' autopsy reports. Case's bill, which he plans to introduce at the upcoming legislative session, extends disclosure requirements to "other coroner's records," except for those exempted under public records law.

For example, the law already allows coroners to withhold documents concerning ongoing investigations. Coroners can also keep private certain records if they feel doing so is in the public interest.

The coroners told Case they do accommodate public records requests, but also try to protect the dignity of the dead and their family members.

"Please don't think we hold information back, 'cause we don't, especially when it's a public safety thing," said Carbon County Coroner Paul Zamora.

The meeting had a few tense moments after Case raised the possibility that a coroner could potentially keep certain information out of autopsy reports, knowing that such documents are available to the public."
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