Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Missouri requires licensing of private investigators Feb 1

"The new law goes into effect Feb. 1, although some believe it may be pushed back as the state finalizes the process for licensing. Private investigator businesses will have to submit background checks, carry professional liability insurance and pass a test on state laws in order to become licensed.

State officials with the Missouri Division of Professional Registration expect to license between 500 and 700 professionals under the new requirements and bring more oversight to an industry that has had very little regulation.

“Until now, becoming a private investigator in Missouri required little more than a business license and a place to hang a shingle,” said Dwight McNiel, chairman of the State board of Private Investigator Examiners. “Thanks to this new law, our professionals will finally have testing, oversight and, most importantly, accountability.”

That accountability is welcomed by Vail who says it will help weed out those in his industry who don’t belong."
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