Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Private Investigator News: Encinitas spent $25K on public records lawsuit

"Encinitas spent nearly $25,000 unsuccessfully defending itself in a lawsuit over whether to release a draft report of its road conditions that it said wasn’t subject to public review.

The city has also been billed an additional $40,000 by the attorney who won the case. That attorney, Dennis Winston, said he has not received a response from the city and could seek a court order for the money if need be.

A judge ruled in May that the city must release the draft report under the California Public Records Act after a group led by resident Kevin Cummins sued to see it. Encinitas appealed the ruling, but the state appellate court declined to hear the case. The Encinitas City Council unanimously voted July 13 not to take it any further to the California Supreme Court."

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