Monday, July 25, 2011

California state courts: Budget cuts will worsen California court delays, judicial officials warn

"Californians will soon face longer lines in courthouses, delays in finalizing divorces, prolonged custody battles and extended waits for lawsuits to go to trial as a result of deep budget cuts approved by state lawmakers.

California Judicial Branch leaders will meet Friday to vote on how to allocate the courts' shrinking budget, which will be slashed $350 million from a total of $3.5 billion. The cut, aimed at helping close the state's budget deficit, means the courts have seen more than a 30% reduction in state general funds over the last three years.

San Francisco Superior Court is expected to be one of the hardest hit in the state. Part of the reason for the crisis there is that the court chose to use unpaid furloughs and money from its reserve, rather than layoffs, to make budget cuts in the past. Now, it is struggling to keep its doors open."

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