Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Private Investigator News: Truthful statement can't give rise to tort claims

"A blogger’s request to overturn a jury verdict ordering him to pay $60,000 in damages for truthful comments that got an ex-community leader fired has attracted media support. The Minnesota Pro Chapter of Society of Professional Journalists has filed a brief arguing that the judgment should not stand.

A Hennepin County jury found earlier this month that an online statement by John Hoff, who blogs under the pseudonym Johnny Northside, about former neighborhood official Jerry Moore was not false. Nonetheless, the jury also decided that Hoff intentionally interfered with Moore’s employment contract with the University of Minnesota, awarding him $35,000 for loss of contractual benefits and $25,000 for “emotional distress or actual harm to reputation,” according to a friend-of-the-court brief the Minnesota SPJ filed in Moore v. Hoff."

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