Saturday, February 12, 2011

Private Investigator News: Criminal case against Craft’s investigator dismissed | Chattanooga Times Free Press

From Francie Koehler, host of PI's Declassified:

"Georgia Private Investigator Eric Echols who appeared on PI's Declassified!January 20, *No Justice in Cootusa County*(
has received word that the county will not pursue further charges against him.

Eric was indicted in July 2009 for influencing a witness while he was working on the high profile Tonya Craft case. Tonya Craft was acquitted in May 2010. Last fall, every judge in Cootusa County recused themselves in the case against Eric, but the charges against Eric were finally dismissed by a judge in a nearby county. However . . . the prosecutor still had the option of refiling the charges within 4 years.

Eric just received a letter from the Cootusa County prosecutor that all charges have been dismissed! See article abstract below. Justice has finally been served
It has been a trying time for Eric and I am sure you will want to join me in wishing him congratulations. Send Eric a personal note. His email is in the cc line."

From the Chattanooga Times:
"The criminal charges against former North Georgia elementary school teacher Tonya Craft’s private investigator were dismissed today.

Eric Echols, who was charged with trying to influence a witness in Craft’s criminal case, said he received a letter that his charges were dismissed.

“Today is a great day,” Echols said today in an e-mail."

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