Saturday, October 02, 2010

Private Investigator News: LinkedIn innovations give users more Internet exposure

"But those of us who have spent time marveling at the innovations of Facebook, Twitter, Google's various products, Microsoft's Bing, and other cutting-edge Internet products, LinkedIn has seemed soporific. No more.

Signal appears, for now, as a separate page inside LinkedIn. In the center is a list of posts—links to articles, statements of opinions about current business or other developments, or whatever else someone posts on their profile. On the left hand column is a set of filters. You can pick your direct connections, second-degree connections (friends of friends), third degree, or anyone on LinkedIn. Other filters are for specific industries, companies, the time something was posted, or where the poster is located. All of these functions are customizable.

So now, if you want to see all the posts over the last day by Facebook employees who work in New York which reference the new movie The Social Network, you can do it. Or all posts by General Motors employees in the past month referencing Ford cars. Or everything said by people in the Internet industry who live in Columbus, Ohio about the book The Facebook Effect (a search I tried, since I'm the author—there were four posts). Your imagination is the only constraint.

Well, the other constraint is the amount of information available. My own experiments suggest there is already a huge amount of data ready to be exposed inside LinkedIn. And because everything everyone posts in this service, unlike in Facebook, is by definition public data, everybody's posts are searchable."  
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