Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Private Investigator News: San Jose officials asked to overrule cops on records requests

"San Jose officials' willingness to overrule police on withholding records will get a rare test Wednesday, when a committee headed by Mayor Chuck Reed considers two such requests.

Reed, who campaigned on an open-government pledge, last year turned down a proposal by journalists, civil rights leaders and community members that would have called for automatic release of certain police records. The mayor and a narrow council majority agreed with law enforcement concerns that broad release could jeopardize crime fighting and privacy.

Reed did vow to consider requests case by case. But those cases have come infrequently in the past year.
Since the council's Rules and Open Government Committee in November released the 911 recording from the fatal police shooting of mentally ill Daniel Pham, there have been three appeals to the committee seeking to overturn a decision by city officials not to turn over records. Only one of those involved police, and it came from a company seeking computer dispatch crime data, which police said was overly broad."

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