Sunday, August 01, 2010

New Mexico Supreme Court personal information rule leads courts to limit release of public records - Private Investigator News

"The chief clerk’s office of Taos Magistrate Court refused to turn over public court records to The Taos News this week in light of a new rule from the New Mexico Supreme Court that has courts all over the state scratching their heads.

After submitting magistrate court’s own records request form Tuesday (July 27) to see public case records to be included in the weekly public records list of the paper, The Taos News was refused its request by the office of chief clerk Frances Martínez, who stated that in order to view public records, the newspaper would need to file a motion in court.

The refusal and demand for court filings flies in the face of the state Inspection of Public Records Act, which gives the public the right to inspect public court records. The problem Taos Magistrate and other courts across the state are struggling with is a rule passed down by the state supreme court designed to protect the personal information of the parties involved in a case by blocking information such as dates of birth and social security numbers."
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