Friday, July 23, 2010

Vermont charges fees to look at public records

"The Vermont State Employees Association is suing the state over a $1,200 fee for two public records request. The Douglas administration has said it will charge the union to look at information regarding the elimination of a Fish and Wildlife staff position and a computer use monitoring program for state workers known as Marshall 86.

Officials from the Agency of Natural Resources and the Department of Human Resources have also stated in letters to the union that they would charge additional fees for the public records requests in the event that VSEA contested the matter in court.

The union filed its complaint in Washington County Superior Court on Tuesday.

At issue is the word “copy.” Is viewing a document the same thing as asking for a copy? The union says no – that simply looking at public records is different from asking for a copy. VSEA maintains that no fee should be charged if no copies are requests."  
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