Saturday, July 03, 2010

Riverside County Court now charges for online name index search

"Effective July 1, 2010, the court will implement the following procedural and fee changes:

Access to Imaged Civil Documents on the Internet – The cost for viewing or printing civil court documents available on the Internet will be lowered to $1 per page for the first five pages, $.40 per page after five pages, with a cap of $40 per document.

Online Name Searches – The price structure outlined below will be implemented for performing name searches online.

$1 for 1 search.

$3.50 for 2-5 searches.

$5 for 6-10 searches.

Individuals or entities may pay a flat fee of $250 per month to perform an unlimited number of online searches. Please contact the Court Webmaster at or contact the Executive Office at
951-955-5536 to establish a monthly account.

If a civil case number is provided, the register of actions for that case may be viewed free of charge.

Criminal defendants will continue to have access to their criminal cases at no charge.

Updated Fee Schedule – An updated fee schedule is available on the court’s website at or from the clerk’s office.
Sherri R. Carter
Court Executive Officer
and Clerk of the Court"
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