Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Orange County nursing home provided inadequate staffing

"What spurs a jury to inflict $671 million in damages against one nursing home chain?

Part of the answer lies in the 250,000 pages of internal company documents that plaintiff attorneys used to make their case.

Last week a Humboldt County jury handed down the historic verdict against Skilled Healthcare Group, an Orange County-based chain. Plaintiffs attorneys in the class-action lawsuit alleged that the chain suggested to patients that it provided adequate staffing, but in fact, did not.

This week jurors will deliberate on punitive damages against the firm.

To prove their case so far, attorneys for the plaintiffs showed the jury examples of Skilled Healthcare facility managers expressing frustration to corporate executives about staffing and overtime constraints. Attorney Michael Thamer shared several with California Watch, and you can see them below."  
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