Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Proposed privacy legislation could nix business access to Social security numbers and addresses

"Proposed legislation on privacy landed with a thud when it was unveiled Tuesday — drawing criticism from both Internet and advertising industries, which are leery of regulation, and consumer privacy advocates, who say the bill does far too little to protect consumers."

"The bill stipulates that as a general rule companies can collect information about consumers unless a person opts out of that data collection — a point of contention among privacy advocates.

The regulation also specifies standards for the collection and use of personally identifiable information. Companies must disclose to consumers if they are collecting personally identifiable information and how they are using that data. Consumers must give a company permission to share that personally identifiable information with outside companies.

Companies also would need permission from consumers to collect sensitive data, such as medical records, financial accounts, Social Security numbers and geographic location information."

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