Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LAPD's High Crime Report Fees Spark Class Action

"A class action public records lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles was recently filed in superior court, challenging the $23 fee for crime reports charged by LAPD to crime victims needing copies for their insurance claims, according to open government researcher Scott Nelson.
"Jim Lissner," Nelson says, "had provided me with all his files from his earlier crusade to lower the fees of crime reports statewide (Jim’s latest efforts are fighting the red light cameras in CA).

"In December 2009 I told a lawyer friend, Steven Derelian, about Jim’s efforts, and particularly about the LAPD fee. I then provided Steven with a copy of transcripts Jim had acquired showing the fee was abruptly raised from $13 to $23 (even after he had testified that they needed to lower the fee), and also gave Steven my several compilations on the "direct costs of duplication."

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Location Oakland, Ca - Private Investigator