Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Give Life to Your Social Media Accounts After Your Death

"To illustrate just how valuable our online identities have become, enter Entrustet, a free service that catalogs your digital assets and gives you the power to assign an heir to them when you pass away. The company's tagline is: "It's your legacy..."

"Launching April 26th, Entrustet acts as your online will for your social media accounts, including your web mail accounts. You can designate people to become "heirs" to these accounts, ensuring that your social media profile is left in the right hands when you're no longer around.  Otherwise, loved ones might be left to haggle with the social media giants like Facebook over privacy policy rights and potentially valauble information such as photos, documents and insights into your life might be locked down indefinitely."

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Location Oakland, Ca - Private Investigator