Tuesday, May 18, 2010

California Education Code requires trustees to live in the town they represent

"Sal Ramirez, who has served as a Stockton Unified School District trustee since 2006, lives 60 miles away in Davis, a violation of state law that requires local elected officials to live in the communities they serve.

The California Education Code and former state Attorney General Bill Lockyer clearly define a person's home as a primary place of residence.

For Ramirez, that place is Davis. The Record made a dozen visits over a 30-day period to a home on Nutmeg Lane in Davis. Ramirez's car was there each time.

The leafy, middle-class street is far from the gritty south Stockton neighborhood he represents as Stockton Unified's Area 2 trustee.

Ramirez lists a duplex on Church Street in south Stockton as his residence, but the gate to that dwelling is padlocked, and neighbors say they have never seen or heard of Sal Ramirez.

Retired Stockton Unified teacher Rosalinda Galaviz has filed a complaint with election officials asking for an investigation into Ramirez's residency. "The strong rumors about this man are that he works and resides in Davis," the one-page complaint says in part.

Ramirez, 46, calmly denied last week that he lives in Davis while standing at the front door of the Davis house where he has been seen repeatedly in the past month.

"My own home's in Stockton," Ramirez said. "It's my parents' home. ... I just stay (in Davis) sometimes. I live there (in Stockton). That's my home. ... I do not own or rent or lease anything else. I'm single, and it gets boring at my house."

But a background check produced by Accurint, an online public records database, links Ramirez to the Davis address from 1990 to 2010. The same report also links Ramirez to the Church Street address." Read more Location Oakland, Ca - Private Investigator