Friday, March 05, 2010

Tips on Searching the Social Security Death Index

"The SSDI contains only deaths that were reported to the Social Security Administration or the Railroad Retirement Board. So it is possible that Granny is not included. But before concluding that Granny was not, make sure to search the SSDI in several ways. Here are some tips for your search:

* Search with the surname by which she was known at the time of her death.
* If that does not bring up the record, try other surnames that she may have used at various times.
* If you know the year in which she died, try searching by given name, year of death, and year of birth, without including a surname.
* Try searching with initials (many SSDI records do not include the full given name).
* Try using a middle name instead of the first given name.
* Try variant forms of names – for Sarah also try Sally; for Mary also try Molly and Polly.
* Try switching the month and day (for 5 February also check 2 May)."

Also, the Social Security Death Index is updated weekly.
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