Friday, February 19, 2010

San Mateo County judge hears testimony in cell phone privacy case

"It's now up to a San Mateo County Superior Court judge to decide whether to set a legal precedent on the powers police have to search a person's cell phone following arrest.

After nearly three and a half hours of testimony and arguments Thursday afternoon on the legality of Daly City police officers' search of an identity theft suspect's iPhone, Judge John Runde said he will consider the case and issue a ruling. It's not clear when that decision will come.

Under current state law, police have the power to do a limited search of a person's cell phone at the time they are arrested. But privacy advocates argue that the mountain of personal information that can be carried on a cell phone should be protected from search until police have enough evidence to get a warrant. A separate but similar case is being considered by the California Supreme Court."

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