Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Tennessee: Camera Company Challenged on PI License Issue

As Tennessee lawmakers question whether photo enforcement companies should be regulated, a pending court case could decide the question. As members of the Tennessee General Assembly consider whether to impose new regulations on photo enforcement vendors in the state, a pending court challenge seeks the enforcement of existing regulatory statutes against the firms. The state House Transportation Committee yesterday held a hearing that examined how Lasercraft, a company based in Bridlington, England, operates red light cameras on behalf of the city of Knoxville. State Representative Ben West, Jr. (D-Hermitage) questioned why this company is not regulated by the state. "I bring all this up because as I look around the room, licensed and regulated is home inspectors, lawyers, truckers and my companies," West said. "This is a company that comes into Tennessee and obtains money from Tennesseans... They don't pay taxes here. They're not registered here, and they're not regulated here. The question is, are they regulated in any other state?" According to a Dallas County, Texas District Court judge's April ruling, a photo ticketing company "is required to obtain a license under the Texas Occupations Code." The Arizona legislature's Legislative Council agreed that speed camera and red light camera operators must hold private investigator's licenses (view memo). Despite this, no photo enforcement company operating in the US holds such a license.
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