Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New California Criminal Laws For 2010

AB 14 A motor vehicle can be declared be a public nuisance and impounded for up to 30 days when the motor vehicle is used in the commission of specified crimes related to prostitution.

# AB 58 Now an Infraction to participate in a betting pool with less than $2,500 at stake.

# AB 91 New "Ignition Interlock Device" Law requires first-time DUI offenders to install a device in their vehicles in a test program in Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Tulare counties.

# AB 532 will allow police to obtain a search warrant to seize guns or other deadly weapons from within a house after a report of domestic violence or mental health incident.

# SB598 will give a repeat DUI offender the opportunity to apply for a restricted driver license with an ignition interlock device placed on their vehicle.

# SB 748 would provide that no person, state or local public agency, or private entity shall post the home address, the telephone number, or personal identifying information that discloses the location of any witness or witness family member participating in the Witness Relocation and Assistance Program (WRAP) with the intent that another person imminently use that information to commit a crime involving violence or a threat of violence against that witness or witness' family member.

# AB 750 gives courts the ability to offer a deferred entry of judgment "DEJ" instead of jail time for minor offenses.

# AB 962 requires gun sellers to record sales of ammunition, and requires the fingerprinting and identification of the purchaser.
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