Thursday, December 03, 2009

Facebook Hones Privacy Settings, Scraps Regional Networks

Facebook users are famously averse to change, but the social network keeps tinkering with its offering in spite of the backlash it can expect against every "improvement." This time, Facebook says its changes will result in better privacy protection and more disclosure options for users. The announcement was greeted with thousands of negative responses. "Everyone liked the ORIGINAL lay out best," wrote James Allen McCune. "Quit trying to be twitter."
Some five months after Facebook began testing a series of changes to its privacy controls, CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday announced that the popular social network has now decided to make them official for its 350 million users worldwide.

The company will soon eliminate regional networks as a way of connecting users, and it will also add settings that allow users to control who sees each individual piece of content they create or upload.

In addition, it will combine some settings on the privacy settings page in the hopes of making it simpler to use.
In the next few weeks users will be asked to review and update their privacy settings accordingly, Zuckerberg said.

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