Tuesday, December 29, 2009

California laws strengthened wall of silence around officers

California laws enacted more than 30 years ago to protect honest peace officers from over-zealous internal investigations have become a safety net for bad cops.

The mandates – the most stringent in the nation -- have given troubled officers special privileges that make it harder to get rid of them and nearly impossible for the public to learn whether they've been adequately disciplined.
Laws that began as an effort to protect police and the integrity of their work expanded over time, giving more and more cover to officer misconduct. Attempts to scale back those laws have met with opposition from California's highly organized police unions, who argue it could affect officer safety.
"California is the most restrictive state in the nation, when it comes to police secrecy," said Jim Chanin, a former ACLU attorney in San Francisco. "It's California's dirty little secret."
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