Monday, January 30, 2006

New Jersey dog license records released to commercial venture

The New Jersey Government Records Council (GRC) is the arbiter of the state Public Records Act and is the only appeal body that considers denied requests for public information, other than the court system. I previously wrote about the GRC opinion that government sponsored data maintained on personal computers is a public record. The GRC recently ruled that a commercial request for dog license data which included personal information should be released.
At its April 14, 2005 public meeting, the Government Records Council ("Council") considered the April 7, 2005 Findings and Recommendations of the Executive Director and all related documentation submitted by the parties. After balancing the public's interest in disclosure against the privacy interests raised in said findings and recommendations, a three-member majority of the four-member Council voted to reject the recommendation of the Executive Director and hold, instead, that in the specific circumstances of this case, the dog license owners names and addresses are to be disclosed. explores this case and tactivitiestes of the GRC.