Sunday, August 22, 2010

Facebook Places - four settings to change

"I'm sure that you've read that Facebook is now rolling out a Places option, so you can check in and tell your friends where you are. Great if you want to use it, not so great if you don't. In order to change the settings you need to go to the Account option (top right) and choose Privacy Settings. You'll see an option there called 'Places I check in to' and it will probably be set at Friends only. Other options are Everyone, Friends of friends or Custom. You'll note that there isn't an option to turn it off. In order to do that you need to go into the Custom mode and choose 'Only me' which is as close as you can get. (1)

You also then need to choose the next option on the Privacy screen, which is 'Include me in 'People here now' after I check in'. This is visible to friends and people checked in nearby and is enabled by default. You want to uncheck that box as well. (2)

Wait! Wait! You're not finished yet - did you seriously think Facebook was going to make it that easy? Scroll down to the section 'Things others share' and choose the option 'Friends can check me in to places' You need to disable that as well. Then I think you're done. Note that I only say 'think'. Facebook make it deliberately difficult to find all this stuff - when you first go into the Privacy option you don't see the two other options, just the 'Places I check in to' one."

Location Oakland, Ca - Private Investigator